Animal Feed Business

In addition to supplying animal feed for poultry, swine, cows, beef cattle, and fish farming, the Animal Feed Division also supplies egg packs for household consumption and foods made from processing eggs.

Animal feed

Extensive lineup of animal feed offerings

Showa Sangyo sells a range of high-quality animal feed products for poultry, swine, cows, beef cattle, and fish farming that contain the latest nutritional elements and mixes of ingredients and raw materials. We support livestock farmers with our wide product selection. They include animal feed containing isomalto-oligosaccharides, which activate bifidus and other beneficial bacteria found in the gut, inhibit harmful bacteria such as salmonella, improve digestion and absorption, and strengthen resistance to infection.

Technical support

Employing advanced know-how and technology to support farmers

We cater to the needs of farmers by providing a variety of technical support services, spearheaded by our Animal Feed and Allied Products Laboratories. We employ advanced expertise acquired at our test farm facility and apply highly functional raw materials that we develop in-house to our animal feed products.

Kyushu Showa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Production and sales of animal feed

Kyushu Showa Sangyo supplies animal feed products from its Shibushi Complex located in southern Kyushu, Japan's second largest farming region after Hokkaido. This Group company also supplies animal feed made from roasted soybeans, sells eggs, operates pig-fattening farms, and supplies fertilizers.

Showa Keiran Co., Ltd.

Production and sales of packaged eggs and egg products for household consumers

Showa Keiran purchases eggs to make egg products.
Its activities comprise supplying feed for layers, operating a GP center (egg grading and packaging center), handling distribution, coordinating quality control and supply chain management, and handling final delivery to consumers.