Vegetable Oils Business

Our Vegetable Oils Business includes the production of various kinds of commercial vegetable oils developed for a range of applications using soybeans, canola, corn, and other raw materials. It also makes soybean meal for use in animal feed, soybean protein for use in processed meat and seafood products, and commercial-use tempura batter mixes, fried chicken batter mixes, and pasta.

Vegetable oils

Diverse product range enhances efficiency for our commercial customers

We offer a comprehensive lineup of vegetable oils, including refined soybean oils, salad oils, specialty oils for cooking tempura, deep-fried foods and donuts, as well as functional oils and healthy premium oils. We offer customers environmentally conscious bag-in-box and pillow-type packaged products, and services that enhance efficiency for commercial customers, including the installation of small on-site oil storage tanks that we regularly refill with vegetable oil.

Soybean meal

Assortment of applications include food products as well as animal feed

Soybean meal is the name given to soybeans that have had their oil content removed. Showa Sangyo's soybean meal is not only used for animal feed, but for food products as well. Our soybean meal flour, obtained from non-GMO soybeans, which is used to make tofu, receives high praise from many quarters.

Soybean protein

Augments functional properties of processed meat and seafood products

Vegetable protein is an ingredient made primarily of protein extracted from wheat or soybean. Showa Sangyo produces soybean protein in either granular or powder form. Adding this ingredient to processed meat or seafood products brings a host of extra functions. Vegetable protein improves water absorption and retention and shape retention, prevents cooking shrinkage, and enhances the texture of meat products.

Commercial-use premixes and pasta

Creates abundant cooking options for a wide variety of foods

Our tempura batter mixes, which are synonymous with the name Showa Sangyo, have an excellent reputation that goes back many years. We also supply a diverse range of premixes for commercial use, including fried chicken batter mixes and deep-fry batter mixes. We make spaghetti, macaroni, and a wide range of pasta products for commercial customers.