Warehousing Business

Supplying grain from huge silos to our plants and to manufacturers

Showa Sangyo's huge silos at Kashima, Kobe, and Funabashi have a combined holding capacity of 365,000 tons of grain. The plants at Kashima and Kobe also have piers that enable large Panamax-grade grain ships to dock alongside the facilities.

Owing to their excellent locations, both plants efficiently store and handle imported grain.

Grain is unloaded from the ship to the silos using suction. Storage conditions ensure optimal quality control of the grain, which is supplied either to Showa Sangyo's plants or to other manufacturers that process grains.

Shourei Co., Ltd.

Freezer and refrigerated warehouse business

Group subsidiary Shourei Co., Ltd. is located in a warehouse complex for refrigerated and frozen foods that fronts onto the port of Funabashi and is adjacent to the Tokyo Bay coastal road. It has a refrigerated and frozen warehouse business and a freight transportation business. The company ensures that the temperature of all freight stored and handled is optimal for each product's requirements.