President's Message

Advancing to the Next Stage as a "Grain Solution Company!"

Since its establishment in 1936, Showa Sangyo has processed grains that are the bounty of the land, such as wheat, soybeans, canola, and corn, into offerings like wheat flour, premixes, vegetable oils, sweeteners, and animal feed. We have engaged in businesses designed to deliver these to people's dining tables under our corporate philosophy of "Contributing to healthy, rich, and varied meals."

We strive to be the "Best Partner" for our customers by offering solutions to the challenges faced by all companies involved with food and general consumers under our slogan of being a "Grain Solution Company." To achieve this, we will harness the synergistic effects of our unique business model, in which we handle various grains in huge volumes, to meet the ever-increasing expectations that will be placed on food in the future, including food safety and security and its stable supply.

To develop further, in 2017 Showa Sangyo Group created "SHOWA Next Stage for 2025", our long term vision for our Group in the year 2025, which is the 90th anniversary of our founding. Our long term vision has 5 directions for development: "Strengthen our fundamental businesses," "Expand our business fields," "Contribute to solving social issues," "Rebuild our platform," and "Strengthen stakeholder engagement." To achieve this long term vision, we will develop through 3 Midterm Management Plans.

Each one of us will pull in the same direction and work to ensure that we continue to be a corporate group that is trusted by society. We aim to be a "Next Stage Grain Solution Company" that provides satisfaction to all of our stakeholders. I look forward to your ongoing cooperation and support.

K. Niitsuma

Kazuhiko Niitsuma