Research and Development

Creating new possibilities in the food domain
while always keeping mindful of customers' needs

Research and development that meets needs through communication with customers

The Research and Development Division conducts applied research,production technology research, and product development for the Group's diverse businesses. At the same time, it constantly monitors market changes and maintains healthy communication with customers so that we can supply products that meet their needs.
The Division's activities related to the Group's Flour Milling Business includes technology research aimed at improving the quality of wheat flour, as well as developing and providing technical support for wheat flour and premix products tailored to customer's needs.
R&D activities related to our Vegetable Oil Business cover the development of highly functional cooking oils and soybean proteins, and highly efficient use of by-products from the cooking oil manufacturing process.
For our Starches and Sweeteners Business, the Division develops saccharide products, such as dextrin and oligosaccharides that have excellent food processing properties and physiological functions. It also engages in the development of new saccharides, as well as applications for these saccharides.
The Division develops products for our Household Foods Business to offer more delicious and convenient foods to eat at home.
The Animal Feed and Allied Products Laboratories, which support the Group's Animal Feed Business,
recognize that supplying safe, high-value-added animal feed and other livestock-related products is a top priority. The Laboratories also develop products to meet customer's needs and provides technical support to farmers.

RD&E Center
・Research Center for Fundamental Technologies
・Development Center for New Products & Customer Value

Food ingredient research using cutting-edge technologies

Showa Sangyo handles grains such as wheat, soybean, canola and corn. They are known to contain numerous healthy nutrients and elements with superior functionality. Our research and development activities seek to utilize these beneficial nutrients to develop products that contribute to healthy, rich, and varied meals. We actively cooperate with universities and public research institutes to introduce the latest technologies, such as research and development of high-value-added functional food ingredients using enzymes.

Advanced analytical technologies for safe and high-quality products

Showa Sangyo has introduced advanced analytical technologies to inspect various chemical substances and microbes etc., enabling highly accurate and swift analyses to provide safe high-quality products. We also research analytical technologies to assess new food ingredients and product functions, and employ these to further improve product quality.

New research and development facility "RD&E Center" opened

In September 2016, in order to strengthen our research and development system, we opened our "RD&E Center" to combine our Research, Development and Engineering activities in one location, at our Funabashi Plant (Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture). We increasingly pursue synergies by combining functions, and are creating composite value in various fields such as milling, oils and sweeteners.

  • Customer Communication
    Various types of communication areas. We discover issues and problems of our customers through communication, and provide solutions.
  • Synergy Communication
    Hot desking that promotes synergies between organizations and businesses.
    It creates synergies with mutual connections spreading vertically, horizontally and diagonally.
  • Simple & Safe
    Simple building that emphasizes functionality. We are also considering food safety and food defense, such as separating laboratories by function.